Friday, October 12, 2007

my top five blogs are as follows:
jason bulaclac- he has a nice template... nice thoughts.. good title.. very creative..
emmanuel enriquez-his blog reflects his personality.. he loves on-line games so much.. he is also believer of his own self.. that's nice of him..
freddie mark ferrer- i find his blog so comical and very plain.. so much like a teener.. simple and funny thoughts..
gabriela llames-i like her blog for the simplest reason that i find her blog unique.. it seems that she likes pirates of the carribean that much(other than herself)...
michelle go- so girly and it really reflects her personality.. nice inputs..
what i have learned from computer 1? well, i have learned all the basics. from the websites, number systems, etc. i really find it so beneficial and really of great help imn my day to day usage of computer. i am glad that they included this subject in our respective course. the basics will surely guide us on our higher computer subjects. at first, i must admit that i am really such an idiot when it comes to computer matter. i am also a self-confessed cyberphobic.. well i guess that is something to be ashamed of because even the toddlers nowadays are very much knowledgeable in these matters.. but as engr. pinon(which is by the way our great computer professor) unleashes the most basic things, i've learned to like the subject. you just have to know the basics, and then it would all be set-up.. another thing that i have learned from my computer 1 subject which i find more helpful for me is this thing itself.. the one that i enjoy now doing.. the BLOGGING.. i really fin it really entertaining. it is my form of relaxation and an outlet for my stress and pressures. through blogging, i can express my feelings and thoughts freely. no boundaries, no limits. everytime i blog, it is like as if i am revealing a part of myself. through my blog i can site my opinions about certain things. on the other hand, i can say that it is entertaining because i enjoy reading others' blog.. i find different interesting topics and ideas. well.. i just want to bring all the credits and honours to our beloved professor. my deepest and sincerest gratitude to you ma'am.. thank you..

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

well, college life is really not new for me. the projects, defenses, research papers are the things that i am already used to.. i am a transfer student of pamantasan ng lungsod ng marikina. this is my first semester in here. actually i used to study at miriam college taking up bachelor of science in accountancy. i spend two years in taking up this course. unfortunately, on my second year in college, that was the time when i've realized that accounting stuffs are really not for me. i can't imagine myself doing lots and lots of paper for my entire life. the idea really bored me. five years of studying, six months of preparation for the board exam, and a lifetime of boredom. well i really don't have any negative thoughts about the accountants but this is only my own feelings and opinions with this. for quite a while, i also have the hard time in deciding whether i would continue this or not. after a long time of thinking (well that thinking took up to two years.. quite long huh..) i came up with a decision.. to give up my first course and shift to another one.. with this shifting of course, i have also decided to transfer from other school.. my parents didn't agree at me at first, but they accepted it later on (a large amount of money was saved after all.. haha..) and now i am taking up business administration major in marketing at pamantasan ng lungsod ng marikina.the experiences were totally new for me. but now i am contented. i am happy dealing with economic problems etc. besides i got to tackle almost everything unlike when i'm taking up my first course wherein limited knowledge and only specializations are available. with my course right now, i can say that i am more flexible..
when i read the topic on the website entitled pinoy blogero the first blog i read is about the so much controversial dialogue in the new season of desperate housewives. since this is the most popular and latest issue today, i might as well put my ideas into writings or to blogging in the generation x's term. well, the whole thing actually started when the character of teri hatcher in the series desperate housewives. she said that before she can go out with the doctor she is talking to, she needs to see his diplomas first because she wants to make sure that the doctor is not a graduate of some medical schools in the philippines. it is really quite disturbing because the writer of the series indirectly discriminates the filipino doctors. we already have proven our worth to the world and why is it that this racial discrimination is still evident? one proof that we really excel in the medical fields the recently awarded mrs. lily lira which is honored as the best nurse leader in the u.s. isnt this enough for us to say that we filipinos are also world class. but i am really glad to the action of the abc network for their effort to make a public apology with regards to this incident.
i just hope that this will be the last discrimination that we can get from other races. and for our own countrymen, let this will be a challenge for all 0f us. challenge to prove our worth not only to america but also to the whole world...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

actually, the main reason i created this blog is because it is one of my computer subject requirements. another thing is to challenge myself if i can really make a "blogsite". the experience is fun but at the same time, quite freigthening. the topic i am planning to right in here are some qoutations that really inspires me and i find them really interesting so i want to share it to others. i just hope it will not bored the reader.. it may sound a little philosopical but i am just really fascinated by them.. i can't consider it my masterpiece but i can say that they speak on behalf of my unspoken thoughts..

Saturday, September 1, 2007

pilosopo ba ako?

ikaw, pilosopo ka ba?